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It all starts here.

Customer segmentation agency - CK digital consulting

Your audience.

SEO and audience development and engagement - CK digital

Your product.

Digital Strategy and Operations specialists - CK Consulting

Your brand ambitions.

AI and Machine Learning - CK Digital Agency

Our intelligence.

We improve insights through data strategy, and analytics.

Improving insights.

We embed automated knowledge into the heart of the business and the product. We do this by building predictive insights, research, cutting-edge models, and dataset to identify valuable audience segments.

Audience development is what we do - Callum Kearney Digital

Increasing audience loyalty.

We help companies identify and build loyal audiences with a unique multi-channel approach. We build customer-centric digital strategies and solutions that keep your valuable customers engaged for longer.

Innovation specialists - CK Digital Strategy

Product innovation.

We love large problem-solving for big organisations, and with our passion for audiences mixed with new technologies such as AI, Progressive Web Apps, and A/B testing, we build internal & external digital solutions.

Helping news publishers with membership & subscription agency

Digital revenue.

Turning digital engagement into revenue is what we do best. We help companies identify, test, and implement new models for monetisation to turn that incredible customer experience into revenue.

Digital operations, culture, and subscriptions agency.

Building cultures that last.

We help start-ups and large companies build lean digital teams. We provide the training, tools, processes, and structure solutions that create high-performing digital teams that people want to be a part of.

international SEO, audience development

International growth.

We help brands expand their audience reach internationally into English-speaking & non-English speaking countries using our advanced knowledge of paid & organic acquisition channels (e.g. ASO, SEO, and Social).

Other brands that we've loved working with.

The Wall Street Journal logo - Audience Development & Digital Audience Development & Engagement Consultancy
News UK digital strategy & audience development - CK Digital
The Australian Digital strategy & audience engagement
MarketWatch - Digital strategy & audience development agency
The Telegraph - Digital strategy & audience development agency - Building personalisation products for clients.

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We build relationships that last.


C.K Digital exists to build powerful relationships between quality brands & the audiences that are most valuable to them.


We specialise in working with ambitious information & membership brands who are looking to diversify their audience, and revenue streams.

We help these brands evolve their existing & future loyal audiences by building out truly engaging digital strategies & products.


Our founder, Callum Kearney, has led digital strategy, audience development, and data strategy for a number of global premium brands including The Wall Street Journal in New York, and The Telegraph in London.

We've built a creative network of extremely passionate & experienced developers, marketers, product designers, and data scientists to expand our partners' capabilities across the digital channels that matter most.


Our projects have to generate audience + revenue, apply automation where necessary, & have minimal long-term operational cost.

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