Callum Kearney.

I am a contributing member of the humane tech community

I am a co-founder of & audience development consultancy

I am a lateral thinker & inspired by big problems

About me

I have always attempted to defy categorisation, however recently I have felt much more comfortable accepting that I am a lateral thinker & problem-solver, with a interest in understanding how humans engage with modern technologies, data, and media.

Throughout my career I have helped high-quality information websites like and increase their audiences through channels like search, social, and off-platform partnerships. This holistic approach to increasing the loyalty of organic audiences is known as audience development.

I decided to embark on some new challenges in the non-profit sector, where I consulted with Oxfam Australia, AMES, and a few smaller charities.

This led me to taking on a 12-month contract at the leading men's health charity, Movember,

My role was to reach more audiences with culturally-relevant, science-backed, and potentially life-changing content through a newly-formed publishing department that I had built from scratch, working alongside the CMO.

Working with mental health content and impacting the lives of many led me onto the pathway of really trying to understand how we can build more emotionally-healthy communities, and how new technologies can be a tool to achieve this.

I started with my co-founder Dr. Nic Vogelpoel, a renowned population health expert.

This project centered around reaching people with vital information and skills emotional & mental health, using workplaces & spaces as a gateway for engagement.

Alongside this work, I am an active participant in the Humane Technology community, setting up events and discussions to facilitate the design of healthier technologies.

I believe that the technological transition that we now find ourselves deeply entrenched in is fascinating, however the speed at which technology has advanced in such a short time-frame has meant that we haven't had the breathing space to assess which parts of these technologies are healthy for us.

This is the opportunity. This is where I want to spend my time.

Get in touch

I'm always interested in hearing about exciting opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people.

Take a look at some of my work below, or on my LinkedIn to find out more about my experience and interests.

Some of the brands that I've worked with


Company: tidyminds


Role: Co-founder & CEO

Locations: Lisbon, Portugal

Description: I started initially as a pet project to combat the rise in technological addiction. It has since evolved into helping workplaces build emotional intelligence & capacity through streamlining their wellbeing strategy. - simplifying workplace wellbeing

Company: Movember


Role: Global Director of Publishing

Locations: Melbourne, Los Angeles, London, & Toronto

Description: I built a team of 5 in-house editors and commissioned content globally for Movember, including videos, written word, and short documentary films. The team's work was nominated for various awards and entered international film festivals, including the Webby Awards, the Shorty Awards, and Wild & Scenic Film festival.


Company: National Geographic


Role: Audience Development Consultant

Locations: Washington D.C, USA

Description: I worked with the product & audience development team for 18-months, supplying NatGeo with audience development strategy & analysis to inform the redesign of, and a complete re-architecting of the technology platform that powers it.


Company: The Wall Street Journal


Role: Head of Audience Development & Analytics

Location: New York, USA.

Description: I was headhunted whilst working at The Telegraph to build and manage audience development for The Wall Street Journal & Dow Jones. This highly collaborative department armed senior editors, product, and marketing with detailed audience analysis, tools, and strategy.